Training Program

Our work constantly challenges us to find faster and better ways of doing things – to reinvent. Yet, the speed of business pushes leaders to maintain a pace that is exhilarating one day and exhausting the next. Leaders that move too fast risk missing important pieces of data that feeds solid decision-making. Self-Aware Leaders slow themselves down to speed themselves up. They recognize patterns around them to increase momentum and productivity.

The Self-Aware Leader Training Program presents practical and relevant tools to teach and learn these skills based on the book and research of more than 700 leaders.

The training program includes a Facilitator Guide, Participant Guide and PowerPoint for the eight modules below.  


  1. The Case for Reinvention (45 min)
  2. The Model for Reinvention (90 min)
  3. Assessing your Self-awareness (60 min)
  4. Professional Authenticity (75 min)
  5. Think Like a GM (75 min)
  6. Profitable Imagination (75 min)
  7. Generosity Quotient® (75 min)
  8. Review and Wrap-up (30 min)

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